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Net Meter Concept

An emerging revolution in Indian Solar Eco-system

Solar net metering enables commercial and residential customers who generate their own solar power electricity to send the electricity they do not use back to the grid or to neighbours. This billing mechanism essentially allows home-owner to receive credits instead of paying for electricity. While the concept seems relatively simple, it has been the source of a significant amount of complexity.

What is Net Metering?

Solar energy is generated either for self consumption or for export through bi-directional meter to Power Grid. The net difference between energy generated & consumed is indicated by-directional meter.

Benefits of net metering:
  • Can generate power for self consumption and feed excess to electric Grid.
  • Deep reduction in power bills for years.
  • Export unused solar power and save money.
  • Better utilization of vacant rooftop area for power generation.
  • Generates environmentally clean energy
Concept of Net Metering
  • Net metering is the concept which records net energy between export of generated energy and import of DISCOM energy for a billing month.
  • Records both imported and exported units, Gives Bill for net consumed units.
  • Financial credit for extra solar power produced.
  • No Battery storage Systems needed.
  • No maintenance.