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Building-integrated Photovoltaics Sunshades

Solar sun-shading systems are key elements in an increasingly glazed, transparent architecture. Together with optimized shading, maximum solar power generation can also be achieved using the solar sun-shading systems while minimizing the cooling loads at the same time. In addition to shading by the solar glass facade or overhead glazing, various different systems are used:

Moving slat systems are used for sun-shading and to support daylight illumination. The shading systems with photovoltaic slats are designed to track the course of the sun and are a top quality, multi functional type of solar integration. The fully variable tracking system permits all-day glare-free shading with optimum daylight yield and high solar power generation.

Fixed slats are used just for sun-shading or to support daylight illumination.

Canopies are meanwhile a classic application for glass-glass solar modules. The solar canopy acts as sunshading for large glazed surfaces with rain-proof connections.