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Welcome to Elite Energy Solutions

We are one of the leading dealers of renewable energy products in Andhra Pradesh and offer a WIDE range of solar products like Solar Inverters and Panels, Solar Power Packs, Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Lighting, Power Generation Systems and BIPV module for Residential, Institutional & Commercial Applications.


Building Integrated PV

We are the dealers of new revolutionary architectural solar photovoltaic glass (BIPV). Our BIPV solar modules can now replace conventional building materials and deliver utility grade electricity at the same time.

Net Meter

Net Meter Concept

Solar net metering enables commercial and residential customers who generate their own solar power electricity to send the electricity they do not use back to the grid or to neighbours. This billing mechanism essentially allows home-owner to receive credits instead of paying for electricity.


Megawatt Plants

We are the dealers for great products for a modern and clever power supply. Elite Energy provides two different product lines: The standardized and cost-efficient MegaWatt Plant AC power unit and customized Power plants, perfectly tailored to customers demands.


Water Pumps

Solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using Solar PV (photo-voltaic) system. We provide high quality products produced for drinking water supply, irrigation applications and livestock watering.